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Are you serious? Why are you taking the elevator?

I was at a Conference in Bucharest and the hotel was full of my colleagues, all members of the non-profit organisation for young leaders JCI.

I was walking slowly back from breakfast when I saw a young man waiting outside the door of the elevator. "Why are you taking the lift?", I asked.
"Why not?" he replied.

We arrived on the first floor at the same time - he by lift and I by stairs. Before I took the next set of stairs to the second floor, I smiled at him and asked, "Why the hell are you taking the elevator for just one floor? You're young, not physically impaired and it might serve you well," to which he replied:

"I haven't thought about it. Thanks."

  • Who questions you?
  • Who questions you critically?
  • Who is taking you out of your comfort zone?
  • And who questions your team in business?


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