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Two simple tricks to be happy


1. The «manager trick»: earlobe massage

Are you tired or exhausted or not really focused? In long meetings, during customer visits or at home at the dining table you can - without attracting negative attention - massage your earlobes. It increases the ability to concentrate, encourages and activates the brain and also works against stress. The body enters a state of relaxation and the brain calms down.

Supposedly, the stimulation of the ears counteracts allergies, depression, headaches and even addictive behavior - Well, here we go! 😉 😎 👍

2. Annoyed, stressed or tired? Show your teeth

Honestly, this is the favorite trick of Claudia, the owner of the PokerAcademy. If she really got up on the wrong side of the bed (which of course only happens very rarely 😉 ), she simply bared her teeth for a few seconds.

The effect is remarkable: the numerous nerves in your face will tell your brain to release serotonin and endorphins (hormones to make you happy). After about 30 seconds of fake laughter, your brain will start to believe that you are really happy. Try it out.

According to the Internet, «It's been proven: Laughing and smiling relaxes and boosts the immune system. At the same time, it lowers pain and increases the self-healing powers. In case of mental illnesses and depression, smiling helps considerably in the healing process. Smiling even helps with physical, as well as mental injuries.»

An advice, which this gentleman here should also take to heart:





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