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We asked the GPT chatbot:

Write me a short text about the parallels between poker and business.


Here's what came out of it:


There are many parallels between poker and business. Both require a good strategy, the ability to make quick decisions, and to adapt to changing situations. In both cases, it's important to know your opponents and understand their behavior to have a competitive edge.


Moreover, both in poker and in business, you must be able to effectively manage risk. Like a poker player who decides when to bet or fold a hand, an entrepreneur must assess the risks of the decisions they make and know when it's the right time to take a turn.


Finally, both poker and business require the ability to learn from defeats and adapt to new situations. Like a poker player who analyzes their strategy after losing a hand, an entrepreneur must be able to understand their mistakes and continuously improve.


In summary, poker and business require similar skills and the ability to adapt to evolving circumstances. Those who have these skills can be successful in both fields.




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